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    Flan-tastic! 5-ingredient Flan!

    My mother-in-law has the most delicious FLAN recipe that she makes all the time. I was so surprised to see how EASY it is to make her silky-smooth flan. It’s all…

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    Bar Keepers Friend is My BEST Friend!

    This is the post where I show everyone my dirty dishes! Let me start off by saying that this isn’t a sponsored post! I just happened to buy a canister of…

  • Cuppa Cuppa Cobbler
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    Cuppa Cuppa Cobbler

    I adore CUPPA CUPPA recipes! They’re recipes that have equal parts of many of the ingredients. My mother-in-law’s coconut flan recipe is sort of a cuppa recipe. You use a can…

  • Italian Cream Cake
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    Italian Cream Cake

    Italian Cream Cake is a three layer masterpiece of light sponge cakes with pecans,  and luscious cream cheese frosting with toasted coconut, and vanilla and almond flavors! I’ve made several versions…

  • Anise Cookies
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    Anise Cookies

    I loved making cookies with my mom when I was a boy. I don’t remember doing a lot of rolled cut-out cookies, but I do remember doing a lot of “ball”…

  • Homemade Butter with Bread
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    Hand-Churned Butter

    Who doesn’t love butter!? I love to eat it every which way… salted, unsalted, seasoned, herbed, spiced, domestic, fancy, European… I’m all for it! The only thing that’s better than a…